Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Wishlist #3 // The Perfect Face - High-End Make-Up

If you have a rummage in all of my many muji acrylic drawers you will see that I like my high-end make-up but at my disappointment my bank balance doesn't actually allow me to get everything I would like - I have however got a few of my high-end wants last weekend which will be featured in my next haul. Below is a small list of what I am planning on buying next it includes some re-purchases and some new products, it also doesn't contain any eye-shadow as I am slowly building up my Mac eye-shadow palettes but if I was to include that I would be here for days! I can however do a post on what eye shadows I have if you would like to see that as I have planned my palette out - sad? no I think of it as organised

1, Laura Mercier - Foundation Primer - Hydrating - £28

2, Benefit - Fake Up Concealer - £18.50

3, YSL - Touche Eclat - £25

4, Nars - Bronzing Powder in Laguna - £26

5, Chanel - Soleil Tan De Chanel Universel - £31

6, Mac - Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle - £22 

7, Benefit - Badgal Lash Mascara - £17.50

8, Mac - Lipglass in Pink Lemonade - £14

9, YSL - Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 13 Peach Passion - £24.50

I hope you enjoyed this little in-sight into a small section of my beauty wishlist and if you would like more, I would be happy to do so! Thanks for reading!


Monday, 22 July 2013

My Wishlist #2 // If Money was No Issue...

We all have those items we want but well our bank balances don't quite agree with us. I don't really care for expensive clothes but I would love to have more nice handbags and a few pairs of nice high heels so that it what this post is mainly going to be on! I also have to warn you there is some amazing items below and you will most likely want them!

1, Celine - Micro Luggage Tote // Now I really would have this bag in about six different colours (black, tan, pale pink, bright pink, light khaki and mint). I just love it so so so much and I would love to have them - and one day I will! 

2, Mulberry - The Bayswater Texture Leather Handbag // Again I would have this in many colours but this is the colour I would really like and well everyone wants a Mulberry!?

3, Chanel - 2.55 // This is the classic Chanel bag that if you can afford it then it's a must. I again really hope I will get it and one day I will! (Do you see a theme?)

4, Michael Kors - Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch // I am very pacific about things I like especially when it comes to expensive jewellery and well this watch ticks all the boxes! 

5, Tiffany & Co. - Bow Earrings // Now these are very expensive but well there pretty and there bows - enough said!

6, Tiffany & Co. - Bow Ring // This matches the earrings and again it is expensive but it's a bow!

7, Christian Louboutin - Bianca 140 suede platform pumps // These are just gorgeous  they just look so classic but very girly and would bring so much to an outfit!

8, Ray-Ban - Aviator Metal Sunglasses // If l lived in a place where it was regularly sunny and I would wear them a lot I would definitely get them but we rarely get sunny weather and well the past few weeks have been rather unusual. 

9, Christian Louboutin - Miss Benin 160 leather slingbacks // Is it just me or do these shoes just speak to you? I mean there gorgeous in every way possible!

Well that is my wishlist of things I would love to have sadly my bank won't allow it but with some saving I will hopefully get similar item. Did you see any items that you would also love to own? If so, leave a comment below and tell me! If you want to have a peek at these items I have them on a list on my wantworthy page in a list called Dreaming and I will link the list here. Thanks for Reading!


Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Weekly Post #7 // Make-Up has Expiration Dates Too!

Did you know that Make-Up has an expiration date? Not a lot of people realise it but it's very true! I'm going to give you a quick out line of how long you should keep products until they go bad but every product should have a symbol somewhere on the product that will look like a tub and it will have a number of months that you can use they product for. 

 The dates that are in the photos are just a guide line, as while I was taking these photos the products had different dates on them some where similar  it really just depends on the product it's self and the ingredients that are in the product. You will also know by looking at the product - if the texture changes then you know it's best to bin it! I hope this helped and if you have any questions then please leave them in the comments below! Thanks for Reading!


Monday, 15 July 2013

The Weekly Post #6 // Liebster Blog Award

I need to begin by Thanking Dannielle from D is For as she nominated me for this. Before I get onto the questions I will quickly tell you the rules...

Each nominee must answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated them
You must choose 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to pass this onto
Make 11 questions for them to answer
Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they have been nominated
No tag backs!

1. Are you a city girl or a country girl at heart?

I'm a bit of both - I live between the two so I love to get dressed up with my nice handbags and going into town to shop but I equally like to be laid back with my hair scraped back into a high ponytail. It would be hard to pick what I prefer because in the future I want to live in the countryside but work partly in the city - there is more to that but it would be a long story!  

2. What three beauty items could you never live without?

This is another tough one - I would have to pick staple items. Blistex - Intensive Moisturiser, this lip balm is amazing and well nobody wants chapped lips - thinking practically! I also want good looking skin so you need a concealer that with cover the unpleasant stuff but still look natural, this would mean my Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer and I also need a mascara because it completely changes your look - my favourite mascara just now is Maybelline - Mega Plush Mascara. Now my three items are extremely boring but the are the three essentials that can instantly make you look better!

3. What is the best present you have ever received?

The best present I have ever received is probably my eighteenth birthday present from my parents, now they got me a lot that day but my main present was a aquamarine and diamond ring - I wear it everyday and love it more and more and I will have it forever. 

4. Are you close to your family?

I am extremely close to my family. 

5. What are you most proud of at this moment in time?

6. If you had to pick one song to listen to on repeat all day, what would it be? (And there's no turning it off or down!)

Hmm as off today I have been replaying Selena Gomez's new song that was sadly leaked and its called Love will Remember.

7. Why did you start blogging?

I start blogging to share my love which is all things beauty, fashion and everything! When I first fell in love with it all nobody around me cared or wanted to listen so I write it all down and if you would like to read my thoughts go ahead! I'd love to share them with you! You could think of my blog as my personal beauty journal/ diary.

8. Are you a hopeless romantic or a bit more sceptical?

To be honest I'm a bit of both!

9. What are you most afraid of?


10. Have you met anyone famous?

Hmm... now I have been racking my brain and not anyone to exciting! I would however love to meet Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Lea Michele. 

11. What's your funniest chGo to your blog listildhood memory?

Either one of the times I went to Disneyland or spending time with my grandad in Portugal. 

My eleven questions are....

1, What is your dream for the future?
2, If you could live your life by one moto/ quote what would it be?
3, Who inspires you? (Celebrity, Family ect)
4, Favourite Make-up brand?
5, What is your favourite type of product? (i.e Mascara, Lipstick)
6, What brands/ shops do you wish were sold where you live but aren't? (i.e Sephora come to the UK!) 
7, What is one item that you really want but its to expensive? (i.e Chanel Handbag)
8, If you could look like anybody who would you want to look like and why?
9, Dream Job?
10, If you could live anywhere in the world - where would it be and why?
11, How long does it take you to get ready in the morning on average?

And the five people I nominate are ... 

The Francesca Diaries
 Zoe Georgina
Pretty Little Fashionista 
Beauty Bucket List 
The Human Mannequin

Yes, I have only nominated five beauty blogs because apparently most of the blogs I love to read have more than 200 followers! And I didn't want to nominate anybody just for the sake of it I love all of these blogs and some may have been nominated to do this before like my favourite bestie, Kirsty from Pretty Little Fashionista and since I love her blog so much I have to nominate you! Also some of these blogs have recently started up so maybe this could help them! If you have been nominated please send me a link when you have posted! 


Monday, 8 July 2013

Collective Haul // River Island, Ted Baker, Accesorize, Mac, Boots & Much More...

I think were all aware that I have a problem with shopping - well I have done a lot of hauls in my time and I don't even haul everything I get! But I have a good excuse for why I have been getting stuff recently and that is because I am going on holiday - sadly not this year but in April next year. Since I am going in April there won't be much or any summer-y clothes so I have seen some things I really like and have got them for putting away. I am somebody to that loves to organise and plan things out - with that being said I didn't want to get so much clothes that nothing went, so I have planned out my outfits for the the eight days and I am going to show you some of the items I bought. 

I going to start with the best bargain - I got the Cranberry Joy Body Butter (full size), Born Lippy Lip Balm in Pink Berry and Strawberry Body Wash for £5.50!!! The Body Butter alone should be more than that! Your probably wondering how I got all of that for this well... I had a voucher for a free lip balm and then the body butter was on sale and I got a discount card! I also ordered stuff from MAC - not everything that is in the picture! I got a new brush cleaner as I had ran out and its my favourite and I got a pro palette with the 15 slot insert and a new Rice-paper eye-shadow as mine smashed (In the first row, 2nd down). Escentual which is the website I get my bioderma from and they resently had a sale on which only had a few pounds of it but I need some anyway so I got a bigger normal sized bottle and a really cute baby one! 

As we all know one of my top shops is Boots - I'm there so often I've gotten to know some of the staff well and they recognise me! Proud or shameful? Anyway on to what I got - Vaseline - Spray & Go amazing, good for hot days as the mist is really cooling. A new Soap & Glory - Clean on Me my favourite body wash and I have finally gotten around to getting the St Tropez - Bronzing Mousse as it was on sale - normally fake tan smells a bit dodgy but this smells really nice and gives a nice tan. I am also trying out new shampoos so I am trying the Soap & Glory - Glad Hair Day as I used to use it a few years ago. TRESemme - Platinum Strength Deep Conditioner to get my locks silky smooth. To help protect my hair as I use quite a bit of heat on it is the TRESemme - Kartin Smooth Heat Protectant also for my hair I got a mini Toni & Guy - Seat Salt Spray which I really like and will defiantly purchase the full size, it smells amazing and does gives texture to my hair and makes my curls/waves more beachy/ natural which I really like. I also got this a wee while ago now and I only got it because I read a good review of it on a blog that was at the release but I don't like it does anything that it really says! I am talking about the Garnier - 5 Sec Perfect Blur. It only makes your skin feel softer and well you can use a moisturiser for that and it is also very over priced for what feels like is next to nothing in the very long tube! As I mentioned in my June favourite post here, my lips have been extremely chapped and nothing was working so I got this little gem - now it doesn't look like much but this stuff is amazing! Oh I should say this is the Blistex - Intensive Moisturiser.

As I mentioned at the begging of this post I am going on holiday at the end of April and the sun cream and after sun I was going to get was on sale so since they will last I thought I would get now and put it away but in fact I might need it now by the way they weathers been recently. I got  the Hawaiian Tropic - Silk Hydration spf 30 and Silk Hydration After Sun. I also mentioned this in my last two posts but mainly in my post called - "Handbag Beauty Essentials" link here, I recently got within the last 2 weeks and love everything about it including the colours, pattern and size. I think it will be good for a make-up bag for your handbag as well as to go into my carry on bag. The name of this is Ted Baker - Summer Bloom Make-up Bag. 

Stripped Tote - Accessorize // Floral Play-suit - River Island // Black Detailed Maxi Skirt - River Island //

I also got blue leggings but there in the washing as I've already worn then so I will put a link to them on the River Island here.

Again I got all of these items for going away in April but I will wear them here to, especially the black maxi skirt as maxi skirts are my favourite and the denim look leggings as they are so comfy. The stripped tote bag is from accessorize and is now in the sale but I got it before it went into the sale - I thought this would be a great overnight bag /carry-on bag /beach bag as it has lots of space. I also got this floral play-suit from River Island, which is something I don't normally wear but it will be really nice in hot weather with a tan! I also got this Black Maxi Skirt and as I said before I love a maxi skirt and this one has really nice and unique detailing around the hem line and along the front of the maxi skirt - it does also come in cream which is really nice but I don't know - what do you think? These denim look leggings are seriously the most comfiest pair of trousers I have ever worn - I don't know if it is just me but I really don't think jeans are comfy. These are from River Island. 

If you made it to the end of this post, I have to congratulate you! This was quite a long post but that is purely because I have bought a lot of stuff and wanted to share it with you! Do you prefer shorter or longer posts? Let me know in the comments as it will be really helpful. Also if you have any requests leave them below. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

New Releases // Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Now I don't normally blog on a Sunday but I had to write today and tell you something that I find extremely exciting! If your a fan of Real Techniques then continue to read... they are adding to there collection but not with brushes with a sponge - and if your not a beauty enthusiast like myself you make think a sponge is a sponge but from the looks of it, this is going to give my trusted Beauty Blender a run for its money. And let me explain to you why...

It is called the Miracle Complexion Sponge and I think it is going to do miracles when applying liquid foundation as it has three different surfaces:

A Flat Edge - Which will help with getting foundation into all the tricky parts of your face like around your nose and eyes.

A Rounded Side - This is great for covering large areas of your face.

A Precision Tip - This is also good for getting into the contours of your face and for covering blemishes.

An official release date is not set but it will be around the September/ October mark, it will be available at Boots and Superdrug and will only cost £4.99! Which is a steal! Are you excited, will you try it? 

Thanks for Reading,

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Weekly Post #5 // Handbag Beauty Essentials

When your out and about you often want to look your best as well you never know if your going to meet your prince charming - we all live in hope, don't we? This is what I carry in my handbag whenever I am going out, as I am someone who thinks "just in case" or "you never know what's going to happen". This is a stripped back version of my essentials normally I would like to take the blush and eye-liner I am wearing that day and a few more bits and bobs but well we'll not go into that just yet! 

Carex - Protect & Plus Hand Gel


Nail File

Hair Ties & Curby Grips

Ted Baker - Butterflies Body Spray

Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer 

MAC - Mineralized Skin Finish Natural 

Real Techniques - Duo-Fibre Face Brush

Benefit - Bad Gal Mascara (Mini)

The Body Shop - Born Lippy Lip Balm in Pink Berry

MAC - Lipstick in Shy Girl

MAC - Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait

I think most of the items speak for themselves - nothing to crazy here! I just carry stuff that are fool proof and that I would be able to use any wear at any time. 

I carry all of the items above in one bag with was featured in my last post and that is my Ted Baker - Summer Bloom Make-Up Bag. The size is perfect it fits into my bags nicely as it is quite compact yet it still fits everything I need to carry and more. I also love the pattern of this make-up bag every time I look at it it makes me feel happy as the pattern is so pretty and summer-y! 

What is your handbag beauty essentials? I'd love to know, leave a comment below! 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Monthly Favourites // June 13

I feel like I never know how to start a monthly favourites post without saying I can't believe the month is over! And well this month thinking about it - that actually isn't true, it has felt like June would never end! It seemed to last forever - I've tried a few new products this month and I have also re-discovered some products within my collection. 

MAC - Face & Body Foundation - C1

I have been using this foundation for over a year (on and off) and I have always loved it but I gave it a break and used it one day and it felt like I was using a brand new foundation. I love how it is very build able so you can get whatever coverage you want from it really. 

Bourjois - Bronzing Powder - 51

I have given my Benefit Hoola a rest and gone with a bronzer that is much lighter. In fact these bronzer are complete opposite - I love using this bronzer on an fluffy angled brush as it adds colour and a bit of dimension to your face. I am however wanting to get Nars - Laguna bronzer so if you've tried it could you leave your thoughts in the comments below!?

Elf - Golden Bronzer - Golden 

Even though they call this a bronzer - it really isn't, please do not use this product as a bronzer!!! However this is a really pretty subtle highlight for your cheekbone and even on your brow bone. 

MAC - Rice Paper Eyeshadow

This was the first MAC eye-shadow I bought coming up for two years ago!! And I totally loved it in fact I had hit pan on it but the my dog knocked some of my make-up drawers smashing alot of my products - and I had never really gotten around to re-purchasing it but I have and have fallen back in love with it! 

Blistex - Intensive Moisturiser Lip Balm

For some reason this mouth my lips have been extremely dry and chapped and nothing was helping not even my favourite that always works! I went onto the boots website and looked for there most intensive lip balm and this is it! This is my miracle products as soon as I put it on it started to work - a full review is on its way! 

Toni & Guy - Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I have been trying salt sprays out for a few months now and I really love this one, the smell is amazing and it gives your hair nice texture as long as your don't put to much in or it will go all crunchy like and nobody wants crunchy hair!

TRESemme - Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment

I had seen a lot of other beauty bloggers talking about how good this products was and I was in the market for a new conditioner so I thought might as well treat my hair to a deep conditioner as I don't was my hair every day as it is to long and takes me a while do wash, dry and style it. I do like this product but not completely convinced but I think that's because I don't use the line of products it goes with. 

The Body Shop - Cranberry Joy Body Butter

Now I have only been using this for just over a week and a bit but I loved it from the moment I got it. First off it is from there Christmas collection so I got it for £3! And it is there full sized body butter which I thought was a great deal. The smell is very unique and it leaves your skin feeling amazing hours and hours later! 

Real Techniques - Duo Fibre Collection (LE)

This set got realsed at the end of May and I spent a lot of time searching for it but they were worth the wait. I think it shows how much I love them by the fact that I got 2 sets! 

Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush 

This is also a new addition to my brush collection, it has been on my wishlist for a while. I love the ways it applies foundation. It would also be great to use with cream bronzer as it would fit into the hollows of your cheeks just nicely - and as always with Real Techniques brushes it is great quality and a great price. 

Ted Baker - Summer Bloom Make-Up Bag

This is also new a new purchase, I didn't need it just now but I got it in preparation for my holiday next April as it is a great shape (a shape that a lot of make-up bags don't have). It is quite compact but has a good amount of space inside and of course it has a cute design on it - Ted Baker make-up bags are my favourite, I have a small collection that is quickly growing. 

Random Favourites -


Big Brother

The Vampire Diaries

Selena Gomez - Slow Down

Jason Derulo - The Other Side 

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

I hope you enjoyed! I have to say I have done my favourites a bit late this month for me as I usually have them up on the 31st or 1st but I hope you enjoyed them anyway!


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